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Bring back the glow from within

What is Free Radical? What is it in our daily live?

Constant exposure to pollutions (dust, cigarette smoke, etc.) and UV rays

Unflattering dull skin, blemishes, dark spots, fine lines and saggy aging skin.

What is the impact of Free Radicals towards our skin health?




YOUNG AGAIN's L-Glutathione Reduced (GSH) is a powerful antioxidant. Basically, it is a tripeptide of Cystine, Glutamate and Glycine. It can prevent ageing through oxidative stress, and can support liver detoxification, amongst other benefits. YOUNG AGAIN's Glutathione is produced via fermentation, using special Torula yeast from Japan.

As the body is exposed to free radicals from inside and out daily, the volume of Glutathione decreases dramatically. Supplementation with YOUNG AGAIN's  Glutathione can result in replenishing levels of glutathione.

YOUNG AGAIN's Glutathione can improve Skin Health and prevent Skin ageing through Melanin Inhibition and by acting as a strong antioxidant.

YOUNG AGAIN's Glutathione can support Liver Health and excretion of hazardous substances (e.g. Alcohol).



Patents Japan, US, Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia



Experience an 85% improvement in skin brightness and complexion tone

Prevent skin damage from UV light and free radicals

(dull / uneven skin, wrinkles, dark spots)


Derived from Torula Yeast, an edible yeast approved by US FDA

The world’s only Glutathione that as GRAS (the indication of safety as a food ingredient)

Japan’s KOHJIN Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences

70 years of fermentation experience and one of the largest provider of Glutathione in the world

Exclusively supported by numerous scientific studies and patent


Bring back the glow from within

OPITAC | L-Glutathione

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