HK L-137

Heat treated 

Lactobacillus plantarum

The name HK L-137 stands for Heat-Killed Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137.

HK L-137 is not a kind of lactic acid bacteria that helps maintenance of good intestinal conditions, but rather enhances our body's defense system, namely immunity.

In addition to the well-known effects on the intestinal condition, some lactic acid bacteria exhibit a significant immunostimulating activity. The activity does not reduce even if the bacteria are not alive. What's worse for, living lactic acid bacteria is reduction in their immunostimulating activity during storage or by digestive fluid in the intestine.

Our continuous studies revealed that when lactic acid bacterium L-137 is heat-treated under optimum conditions, its immunostimulating activity has increased and become stable compared to the living one. This is the advantage of heat-treatment.

HK L-137 with strong immunostimulating activity

Maintaining a high level of immune function is important for a healthy body

The immune functions will be weakened by unfavorable lifestyle. However, we can correct such conditions by improving our daily life.

Weakened immune functions will regain their original strength by doing moderate exercises, resting moderately, leading a regular life, avoiding stress, and trying to eat a balanced diet. In addition, some foods have an immunostimulating activity. For example, some nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, polysaccharides, and fermented foods exert immunostimulating effects.

Immunostimulation by lactic acid bacteria draws attention

Many fermented foods are produced using lactic acid bacteria. It has been reported that these lactic acid bacteria exert immunostimulating effects, which has been drawing attention.

We paid close attention to the immunostimulation by lactic acid bacteria early on our long journey of research on immunity. We have been continuing our extensive research to reveal the immunostimulation by lactic acid bacteria.

The extraordinary immunostimulating activity of HK L-137

Many lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria possess “immunostimulating activity.” However, the strength of the immunostimulating activity varies greatly depend on bacterial strains.

HK L-137 is characterized by an extremely high immunostimulating activity compared to other lactic acid bacteria. This powerful immunostimulating activity of HK L-137 strongly supports your healthy life

Immune cells (spleen cells) were stimulated with various substances such as lactic acid bacteria, and immunity (amount of IL-12 production) was measured to evaluate immunostimulating activity of each substance.

HK L-137 possesses extremely high immunostimulating activity compared to other immunostimulants and lactic acid bacteria.

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