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Best Supplement for Infections
Wellness of the body and mind improves how all of our systems function, and that includes our
GUT and IMMUNE system.
Allerpac for infections

Immunity starts in the gut: Almost 70% of our immune cells live in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) along with the 100 trillion gut bacteria that make up the gut microbiota.

The gut is a major entrance for pathogens, toxins and allergens and one of the major roles of the immune system in the GIT is to distinguish between harmless antigens, such as food, and health hazards.

The development of a healthy immune system therefore depends on a healthy gut microbiota, which is directly linked to nutrition.

What is the advantage?
Allerpac Advantage
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Microorganisms that improve intestinal flora are called probiotics; similarly, microorganisms that improve immune functions are called immunobiotics.

Allerpac's Heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum is a truly immunobiotic ingredient that differs from common probiotics. In a clinical study, Heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum has demonstrated superior activity to induce IL-12 production compared to other lactobacilli.

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IL-12 plays a significant role in regulating the immune response, particularly in the context of combating infections. It promotes the differentiation of T cells (a type of white blood cell) into a subset called T helper 1 cells (Th1 cells). Th1 cells are important for enhancing the immune response against intracellular pathogens like viruses and certain bacteria.


Additionally, IL-12 stimulates the production of other cytokines, such as interferon-gamma (IFN-γ), which further amplifies the immune response. This cytokine is crucial for coordinating the body's defense against pathogens and has been studied extensively in the context of immunology and immunotherapy.


Immune cells ingest HK-L137 of allerpac

And produces IL-12,

a signaling molecule







NK Cell

IL-12 maintains immune balance,

therefore immunity improves

Fights virus, Infections and Cancerous Cells

Interleukin-12 (IL-12) is a crucial cytokine in the immune system with several important functions:

1. Inducing Immune Responses: IL-12 helps initiate and enhance the body's immune response against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.


2. Activating T cells: It promotes the differentiation of T cells into a specific subtype called T-helper 1 (Th1) cells. Th1 cells play a key role in cell-mediated immunity, which is important in fighting intracellular pathogens like viruses.


3. Stimulating Natural Killer (NK) Cells: IL-12 activates NK cells, which are a type of immune cell that can rapidly respond to infected or cancerous cells.


4. Enhancing Cytotoxic Activity: It boosts the cytotoxic activity of immune cells, including T cells and NK cells, making them more effective at killing infected or abnormal cells.


5. Regulating Adaptive Immunity: IL-12 helps coordinate the adaptive immune response by influencing the activation and differentiation of various immune cells.


6. Antitumor Effects: IL-12 has shown potential in cancer immunotherapy due to its ability to enhance the immune system's ability to recognize and attack tumor cells.

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While IL-12 is important for effective immune responses, overproduction or dysregulation of IL-12 can be associated with autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions.

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Why ALLERPAC for Immune and Gut health?
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Heat-Treated L137

High Immuno-stimulating activity

(Potent inducer of IL-12)

1 Sachet per day

Patented Ingredients

From the most reputable manufacturers of the finest ingredients in Europe, Japan and the United States

Bifidobacterium bifidum

5 Billion CFU for a healthy gut


Increases gut microflora & supports immune function

Science - backed Ingredients

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Reduce incidence of URTI like cold & flu

Enhance Immune & Gut health

Potent inducer of IL-12 that fights virus and infections

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Allerpac in the table
Allerpac MIMS
Dr. Lenchen Ruiz
de Luzuriaga-Abello
Dentist, Business Woman, SuperMOM
Bacolod City
Within a week ALLERPAC significantly reduced my all-day nasal drip and congestion accompanied by painful headaches due to allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.
Thanks to ALLERPAC, I get to enjoy better the little things in everyday life that matters most!
Janna Victoria
Showbiz & Social Media Personality 
Quezon City
My family and I are taking ALLERPAC ever since the pandemic started. I believe practicing healthy habits and lifestyle are the most effective and simple ways to support your overall wellness.
Naomi Tiburcio
National TV Reporter & Anchor
Metro Manila
ALLERPAC significantly reduced my all-day nasal drip and congestion while boosting my IMMUNE defense.
With ALLERPAC, life in the newsroom and in the field is even more exciting!
Joanna Marie Atacador
Muntinlupa City
Gusto ko lang share kung gaano ka effective sa anak ko yung ALLERPAC. Almost 4 years na syang nag suffer sa Allergic Rhinitis nya, laging sinisipon at bumabahing simula pag gising sa umaga maghapon mas grabe kung matulog na sa gabi kasi nahihirapan syang huminga.
Ibat ibang gamot at vitamins na yung nasubukan namin pero wala talagang nagbabago. Nung na try namin yung ALLERPAC, kinabukasan nagbago kagad, nawala na yung maghapong sipon nya at sa gabi hindi na rin sya masyadong inaatake ng baradong ilong.
Sa umaga bihira syang bumahing, at yung sipon sobrang konti na lang talaga sa umaga. Napaka laking tulong at ginhawa sa kanya ang ALLERPAC.
Maraming salamat talaga sa ALLERPAC.
Rafael "Nene" Abello
3-Time World Slasher Cup Champion, Premier Gamefowl Breeder, Progressive Sugarcane Planter,
Agriculturist Par Excellence
Bacolod City
Carlos T.
Buyer from LAZADA
Metro Manila
Effective for people with Allergic Rhinitis.
I am taking Allerpac everyday to alleviate my usual stuffy nose in the mornings.
Family members experiencing frequent runny nose and sneezing are also taking Allerpac with amazing results!
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